Day 13.

Yet the chief cupbearer did not remember Joseph, but forgot him. (Genesis 40:23 ESV)

Poor Joseph. He just seems to have bad luck! First, he is sold into slavery by his brothers. Then he is falsely accused and thrown into prison, and now this. Two of the king’s officers, the chief cupbearer and chief baker, are sent to prison for a time and each has a dream which Joseph, by God’s help, interprets. When one interpretation is favorable and speaks of the cupbearer’s release, Joseph asks him to remember Joseph and his case. But the cupbearer forgets. And yet, it is each of these events that becomes crucial in preparing and getting Joseph to the place he would eventually come, to ruling all of Egypt for the King at a time when a great famine would have otherwise caused many to die, including Israel and his family.

We must remember Joseph when we face our own setbacks in life. Nothing escapes God’s purposes. Though things may be hard for a time, God works them out for good for those who love Him.

Lord, help me to remember Joseph and what his story teaches me. You are faithful and trustworthy and have my best interest in mind, even in the things that happen to me. Would you also remember my family and use me to care for them in their needs, just as you did Joseph for his family.

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