Day 112.

The son of Carmi: Achan, the troubler of Israel, who broke faith in the matter of the devoted thing; (1 Chronicles 2:7 ESV)

The Chronicler opens up with a genealogy and you find this reference to Achan in it. Achan was the one who took some of the plunder of Jericho and hid it under his tent. When Israel went out to battle against Ai shortly afterward they were defeated and they learned that it was because there was sin in the camp. Achan was found out and he and his family were it to death. We don’t know anything else about Achan from the Bible. This one act becomes the legacy that sticks with him forever.

What will my legacy be? What will yours be? I pray my legacy is not written by one of the many boneheaded things I do. Thank God we have Jesus’ legacy which secures our future and hope. May we daily stay close to Him.

Chronological Reading Plan plus Psalms: 1 Chronicles 1-2

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2 Responses to Legacy

  1. Susie Tassin says:

    Thank you for this reminder. I’m glad we have our legacy in Christ. I am encouraged to point my life more to the legacy of Christ each day.

  2. gabby says:

    It is interesting how others interrupt what we consider small in actions and off handed remarks. Our past never seems to leave us. I have had incidents of both good and bad come to me from some one else’s memory and am aways suprised at their perspective. I pray that I become more aware of the effect my words and actions have on others. Thanks to the Lord for our covering. gabby

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