Day 36.
How precious is your steadfast love, O God!
The children of mankind take refuge in the shadow of your wings.
They feast on the abundance of your house,
and you give them drink from the river of your delights.
For with you is the fountain of life;
in your light do we see light. (Psalm 36:7-9 ESV)

O that we too would know this to be true and believe it! This is to be the experience of the worshiper in the house of the Lord. David’s experiences perhaps gave him perspective that he knew this to be true. Of all the trouble he experienced with his many enemies and plots against him, the house of the Lord was his true refuge where he was reminded ofnGod’s covenant faithfulness to him. He knew it to be the one place he was safe.

What is the house of the Lord to you?

Chronological Reading Plan plus Psalms: Ex 19-21, Ps 36

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One Response to River of Delights

  1. Sangers says:

    It is a place where we have friends and family. We like being in worship.

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