Day 56.

in God I trust; I shall not be afraid.
What can man do to me? (Psalm 56:11 ESV)

The beginning of this psalm indicates David was captured by the Philistines. He had good reason to fear man. The Philistines were the main enemy of Israel during this time and the two were at war constantly. They had heard the song, “Saul has killed his thousands and David had killed his ten thousands.” So David had reason to fear. And yet, he does not. He trusts in the Lord and that trust drives out his fear of man.

When I look around at people today, even myself, I find a powerful fear of man at work. We are controlled by our fear of what others will think of us. This is why teenagers suddenly are embarrassed of their parents and hide their activity from them. They boh fear what others at school might think of them if they are too close with their parents and they fear their parents will not approve of their activities with their friends. This is why parents get inordinately enraged when their children do things that embarrass them in front of other adults. They fear being seen as a poor parent. This is why we may put on a show of religion when other church people are watching but have poor lives of private devotion. You can probably think of plenty more.

The good news is this: fear of man can be driven away. It is driven away by trusting in God. This is what we must gain and grow in – trust in God. David learned to trust God as he watched sheep as a boy and had to drive off bears and lions. His trust was evident when he faced Goliath and slew him, cutting off his head before all the people. He grew in his trust in God with each victory that he and his mighty men won against the Philistines. If we are to grow in our trust in God, then we must recount the ways God has already delivered us from our enemies. What has He done? The biggest of all is Jesus’ victory over death, demonstrated in the resurrection. But we mustn’t stop there.

What has God done for you particularly to this point to help you?

Chronological Reading Plan plus Psalms: Num 5-6, Ps 56

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One Response to In God I Trust

  1. Fenton says:

    He has helped me find things when I ask him, and he has calmed my heart when it was stirred.

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