Day 162.

I will not set before my eyes 
anything that is worthless. (Psalm 101:3a)

This psalm speaks of the commitments of the king, or in our application, the head of the home. This particular commitment speaks to what he will not even consider – actions that are “worthless.” A plain reading can lead astray if you are not careful. What is “worthless”? The “worth” of a thing or an action is measured in terms of its relation to God and His mission. There ar lots of “things” or actions that one could engage in that could add value to one’s networth, or that might be enjoyed in some degree, but that may not be positive contributors to the work of God’s Kingdom. Since this psalm has the king in mind, it is easy for us to see how important it is for the king to be engaged in activities that help his kingdom and not himself. Our lives are at stake. The same is true, but on a much small scale, for fathers and heads of households.

So, dads, let us not set before our eyes “anything that is worthless.” Let us commit ourselves to our families as servant-leaders, leading for God’s and family’s sake and not our own.

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