Day 90-92.

“That the leaders took the lead in Israel,
that the people offered themselves willingly,
bless the Lord! (Judges 5:2 ESV)

It is so important that God’s appointed leaders step up and lead as they are called. Leading is hard work and requires vigilance and intentionality. Leaders must lead with a humble reliance upon the Lord, for the sake of His kingdom and not their own, and with the confidence of His hand at work through that leadership. O Lord, how much I need that!

This is such an interesting way for Deborah to begin her song celebrating God’s deliverance of Israel through Barak. Deborah is serving as judge over Israel and calls Barak, at the Word of the Lord, to raise an army to fight against King Sisera. He agrees but only if she will go with him. Thus, she says that a woman will then get the glory of victory. It is a concession for her to go and for God to grant victory and a bit of an indictment that he is not stepping up to lead more willingly. Nevertheless he does raise the army and lead them to battle. What is more, the people follow and through that tandem set of actions, the Lord delivers mightily. What a valuable lesson for us timid leaders and hesitant followers!

Do you take the lead in the roles in which leadership is your calling? Do you follow well the leaders God has placed over you?

Chronological Reading Plan plus Psalms: Ju 3-9, Ps 90-92

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