Day 97-98.

O you who love the Lord, hate evil! (Psalm 97:10a ESV)

This may seem like a statement that doesn’t need to be said. But it does. We need to hear it lest we cheapen the grace of God. We like to champion God’s love and His grace as we emphasize the gospel and our depravity. These are necessary things to champion. The apostle Paul was continually countering the Judaizers who wanted to add requirements of works onto those who desired to be saved. Paul would not allow the gospel to be diluted by adding a component of works to it. Man contributes nothing to his own salvation. He comes empty handed to receive from the Lord. BUT, that does not mean that his works are unimportant. God saves us from our evil deeds.

We cannot sit back in our ways and simply say God loves the sinner, therefore sin is okay. Sin is evil. It pollutes our world. It destroys relationships and lives. It leads to death. We cannot love sin (I.e. evil) and love the Lord at the same time. To love the Lord is to love the things the Lord loves. May God grant us a hatred for our sin and a delight in the Lord.

What sin do you justify by the grace of God?

Chronological Reading Plan plus Psalms: Ru 1-4, 1 Sa 1-3, Ps 97-98

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