Day 315.
Help us, O God of our salvation,
for the glory of your name;
deliver us, and atone for our sins,
for your name’s sake! (Psalm 79:9 ESV)

Prayers in the Bible pleading for help are often offered with an appeal to God to answer for His Name’s sake. We tend to think of all kinds of other reasons for God to answer our prayers. Because we really want it, because it will make our lives better, because we’re afraid, because we need help, because we’ve been good, because we’ve helped people, etc. But there is nothing inherently worthy of God’s attention in us. Apart from Christ we are enemies of God. But those who belong to God have His name written on them. So our good becomes a marker of God himself. It is the honor of God at stake! There is an association there. Think of the association you have with your friends. When you are together and one of them does something bad it may very well embarrass you even though you did not do it. Why is that? Because you are associated in the eyes of those watching.

When you appeal to God, what reason do you offer to God as to why he should answer?

Ask God to preserve you for His Name’s sake.

McCheyne’s reading plan: 2 Ki 24, He 6, Jo 3, Ps 79

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4 Responses to His Name Sake

  1. Eliana says:

    Because he loves us and takes care of us. He is a sweet God.

  2. Mercer says:

    I usually don’t give a reason. I should ask for His Name’s sake.

  3. Fenton says:

    Sometimes I think God won’t answer because I don’t deserve it. But this teaches me that God answers not because I deserve it but because God makes his name great by answering.

  4. Horns says:

    Sometimes because I want it, sometimes because I really need it.

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