Day 269.
yet we know that a person is not justified by works of the law but through faith in Jesus Christ … (Galatians 2:16 ESV)

This is SUCH an important lesson! Keeping the law can NEVER save you before God. To rely on the law to save requires absolute perfection in keeping it and no one who has ever lived other than Jesus has kept it. Our salvation thus can ONLY come through faith in Jesus perfect work. That does not mean that the law is not important. God saves us just as we are (as sinners) but he does not leave us just as we are. He saves us in order to live as the law describes. The law describes what a right relationship with God (and thus with all men and all of creation) looks like. When we keep the law just for the sake of keeping the law, because it is our duty, there is no joy in that. That kind of obedience does not reflect a happy relationship. Law keeping is joy when it reflects our love. Have you ever wanted to do something nice for someone because you wanted to show them love? You had to think about what you wanted to do, so you had to ask, what would they like? This is what law keeping is meant to be, it is how we love the Lord, and it is in the act of loving that we find the most joy. True?

You make known to me the path of life; in your presence there is fullness of joy; at your right hand are pleasures forevermore. (Psalm 16:11 ESV)

Have you ever wanted to do something special for someone to show them you loved them? What was it? Did you enjoy doing it? What did it do for your relationship?

Find out what pleases God and ask him to help you do it today.

McCheyne’s Bible Reading Plan: 2 Sa 22, Gal 2, Ez 29, Ps 15-16

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4 Responses to Joy

  1. Hadley says:

    Yea I wanted to do something. ( I made a picture ) yes I did injoy it. It made me glad.

  2. Hobie says:

    Yes, I made my mom a present.yes I did enjoy it. It made us closer to each other

  3. Hayden says:

    Clean out the garage for my Mom.I really enjoyed it. Bet she doesn’t know yet.

  4. Eliana says:

    When my dad was really angry I saw that he was angry and I really wanted to do something nice for him so I gave him a card. I enjoyed making it and it made my dad happy. He gave me a hug and said thank you.

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