Day 192.
The Lord’s pleasure is not in the things that earthly parents might pride themselves in with regard to their children. We are proud of our children for their success in activities, such as their grades, or their touchdowns, or their cartwheels. We celebrate their strengths. When it comes to God, of course he made us with our various strengths and those strengths certainly point to his glory, his pleasure is in our humble reliance upon him. He delights in our openness to His love and care for us. We would do well to remember that. It is not our achievements that we are to bring to the Lord as our offering, but our fear (awe and respect) and hope. 

The LORD takes pleasure in those who fear him, in those who hope in his steadfast love. (Psalm 147:11)

McCheyne’s Bible Reading Plan: Jos 14-15, Ps 146-147, Jer 7, Mt 21

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