Reading through the Song of Solomon you can’t help but notice how powerful and beautiful love is. It drives us to do impulsive things and seems a force that teeters on the verge of being uncontrollable. It is like fire in a way. Fire unexplainably draw us to them. They call to us like a siren to feed them. We cannot resist. Fire is beautiful and wonderful. And yet, if you let it outside of its boundaries it is terrible and dangerous and consumes you. Such is love. The writer continually pauses to warn the reader of the dangers of love being awakened which parents should particularly should take to heart, for the sake of our children.

I adjure you, O daughters of Jerusalem,
by the gazelles or the does of the field,
that you not stir up or awaken love
until it pleases. (SS 3:5)

McCheyne’s Bible Reading Plan: Num 5, Ps 39, SS 3, Heb 3

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