McCheyne’s Bible Reading Plan: Ex 25, Jn 4, Pr 1, 2 Co 13

The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge; fools despise wisdom and instruction. (Pr 1:7)

To “fear the LORD” is to know God as God: holy, powerful, creator, redeemer. It is to view the world from the only vantage point that allows you to see it as it is. To view it from any other starting point is to miss something. I am reminded of a scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark when Indiana Jones finds the map room in which he places his staff with the jeweled medallion in a position that will direct the sun’s beam to the secret location of the lost ark. The rival archeologists have beaten him to the city with their own medallion and are also digging. But because their medallion only had instruction on one side, they did not have the right height for the staff and thus were shown the wrong location in the map room of where to dig. Indy realizes this and exclaims, “they’re digging in the wrong place.” This is what it is like for all who choose to understand the world from a starting place other than a fear of the Lord.

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