McCheyne’s Bible Reading Plan: Ex 22, Jn 1, Job 40, 2 Co 10

Will you even put me in the wrong? Will you condemn me that you may be in the right? (Job 40:8)

When Job stood firm in his righteousness he was right, as God himself testified in the beginning of the book. But when he went so far as to demand an hearing with God to explain his suffering, he crossed the line. Even in his righteousness Job is still a fallen, sinful human being, thus to draw the conclusion that God owes him a reason for his suffering is essentially to bring accusation against God.
The same is true when we offer excuses for our sin, explaining that the circumstances we were in were hard and led to our sin, etc., we are ultimately blaming God who is sovereignly in charge of our circumstances. This is hard to swallow. But it is also good to swallow, because we want a God that much in charge.

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