McCheyne’s Bible Reading Plan: Ex 3, Lk 6, Job 21, 1 Co 7

In these days he went out to the mountain to pray, and all night he continued in prayer to God. (Luke 6:12)

I always hear how important it is to be “a person of prayer,” or a “church of prayer.” And I believe it. But when it comes to practicing lengthy times of prayer, I find it difficult. Earlier this week I was out jogging and pondering this reality, just asking God that if prayer is so important, that it might be an easier thing to understand and do. Really what I was doing was just expressing my doubts. I believe that prayer is important but I don’t really believe it at the same time–kind of like the man who asked Jesus, “heal please, if you can.” Jesus rebuked him, “IF you can?” The man replied, “I believe! Lord help my unbelief!”

This verse in Luke shows me that Jesus was a man of prayer like this. What drove him to prayer? His mission. He was about to choose his disciples and boy did they need prayer. It was so on his heart that praying ALL NIGHT was doable. I want that kind of passion for God’s mission… What draws me away?

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